inflatable Airbag for laptop packing



1.less cost for inventory,less packaging material,reduced transportation costs and fast packaging process. 
2. manufacturer.

recyclable plastic materials 

own-self lockup air

  • air bag used to packing different kinds of products.It can better to replace the traditional and huge non-recyclable packaging.For example EPE,EPS,FOAM.
  • air bag owns waterproof,good penetration-resistant and able to bear high or low temperature characteristics.
  • air bag can not break when receive 100kg pressure after inflating.And it can availably absorb shock and reduce the impact of outside force .
  • We have high technology R&D ability.Air bag can ne quickly inflated and help you to save time,save labour force and reduce costs effectively.
  • It protects goods better than other old packaging,and compared with the foam,it is much better to the environments.
  • Low cost,no need mould-fee,and increased product imagine.
  • Save warehouse,shipping and packaging fee.
  • Easy to use,convenience to DIY on demand.