Cartridge Airbag




1.Airpack cartridge airbag have an advanced design that molds itself around your product to provide maximum protection.The multi-chamber technology ensures that in the event one of the chambers becomes punctured during transit, your product is still protected.


2.Airpack  cartridge airbag take only seconds to inflate. While deflated they resemble plastic sleeves and take up a minimum of space.


3.Airpack  cartridge airbag consist of 98% air and 2% film. When empty, they can be transported flat, which significantly reduces your freight costs.

Switching to HY airbags can instantly reduce your packaging costs by around 20-40%.


4.Airpack  cartridge airbag extremely stable and can withstand pressure up to 120 kg (264lbs). The HY air bags are watertight and will keep water-sensitive goods dry in transport.




How it works...

small column 2612A toner cartridge protector airbag

Packaging & Shipping

Packing in Normal Carton  

small column 2612A toner cartridge protector airbag


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